Making Sense of Supplements

  • Vitamin D? CoQ10? Fish oil?  Do I need them?  Am I Vitamin B12 deficient?  Why am I so tired?  If you’ve ever pondered these questions, or simply wondered how to make sense of all the supplements you’ve seen on store shelves, in the media, and even in your doctor’s office, then join Dr. Melissa Dean as she discusses these important topics:   1) When and why supplements are necessary  2) How to assess which supplements you really need  3)  Why quality matters and how to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.  Because Dr. Dean also holds a Master’s degree in Metabolic Nutrition, she’ll give expert advice about supplements that other doctors cannot.
    So, it’s time to do away with the shoe box full of vitamins and supplements that were purchased because a compelling advertisement or Dr. Oz persuaded you to buy them!  “Cookie Cutter” vitamin supplementation is no more acceptable than “cookie cutter” medicine.  Every person is different and so are their needs. Dr. Dean will teach you how to develop an individualized supplement plan that will support your body in restoring health.


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