Reiki: Balancing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • What a Beautiful way to start the day- Balancing the mind, uplifting the emotions, and centering the physical body all while reconnecting with Spirit.  After a brief explanation of the essence of Reiki, Penny will lead you in a morning meditation while she and other local Reiki practitioners give Reiki treatments to participants.  Experiencing the gift of Reiki for even a few minutes can change your whole day!
    Penny is a daily practicing Reiki Master Teacher whose love of Reiki is absolutely infectious!  She has inspired and taught hundreds of people how to use Reiki.  You, too, can learn to use this healing modality to help yourself and your loved ones feel better. Please join us for this Pre-Conference Workshop and experience how to attune your life-force energy.  You will leave with a clear mind, a feeling of calmness and tranquility, and renewed vitality.


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