Marjorie Rodd, PT, Cert. MDT

  • During the course of my 40-year career as a Physical Therapist, my passion became firmly established in the treatment of neck and back pain.  In 1985, I had the opportunity to attend a course on the lumbar spine presented by New Zealand physical therapist Robyn McKenzie. Upon returning to my clinic and applying the McKenzie evaluation, a diagnostic tool so precise that it has been found superior to an MRI, the improvement in my patient’s response was immediate and dramatic.  With that response, my life both personally and professionally was profoundly changed; in 1995 I became certified in spine diagnosis and treatment by the McKenzie Institute.  I opened Spine & Sport Institute in 1996 and while we treat all levels of musculoskeletal pain, my primary focus is Spinal Pathomechanics.

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